Who We Are

Our Mission

Mediaz is committed to bring the best experience to consumers & creative professionals and society at large around the world through its innovative ideas, matchless support to brands, creative professionals & business leaders.

Our Vision

As a leader in brand promotion, innovation Mediaz should be equally innovative, inspiring & non biased. Mediaz will always surpass its clients and society’s expectations with it’s unmatched services.

Corporate Values

We place the customer experience at the core of all we do We are committed to our people. We believe in our system We operate our business ethically. We always try to innovate & improve with passion.

About Mediaz Group

Mediaz Infocom Ltd. is among the fastest upcoming media and publication network in India. We aim to come up in large scale conferences, seminars, workshops, awards in different categories of business, sports and entertainment. In addition to events, Mediaz has a list of online and offline magazines, portals, its events as well as the people involved in it. Our online publication includes daily newsletters, directories, portals, etc., while our offline publication caters to magazines, printed directories and research etc. Our services are designed to produce the best online and offline experiences; anywhere, anytime.
• Online Publications : Portal , daily newsletter, online magazine, online directory, talking yellow pages etc.
• Print Publications : Magazines, tabloids, directories, coffee table books, yellow pages etc.
• Events : Awards, Conferences, Exhibitions, CEO Conclave, Panel Discussion on top TV Channels, Knowledge.
• Forum, investors meet, Buyer & Seller meet etc.
• Rating & Ranking : We rate & rank Brands, Organization, Professionals & Products.
• Research : Brand Research, Online/Offline Surveys, Analysis, Business Reports.
• Consultancy : Tie ups, Strategic alliances, Intra partnership, Franchises, VC funding.
Our concept is to find relevance in the successful execution of these events as the participants through these events get the opportunity to showcase their business to the global audience, which can prove decisive in their gradual success. Our leading publications and websites in addition to top news channels and journals cover every event, giving media presence to organizations and people involved with us. Our flawless arrangement of events is based upon our ethics, our experience and innovation in ideas, which, when combined, transpire into a grandeur. Mediaz completely bond to its values of Leadership, Creativity and Honesty, and makes sure that these are practiced and are incorporated in all our business developments.


Our Works

About Mediaz.co Franchisee

Franchising industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India.Since the people are exposed to the brands & concepts, this has become very exciting and a lucrative business opportunity. New brands/Franchise systems are joining the league every day & being accepted by the people as well. Though the franchising in India is at a very early stage, but this industry has the growth rate of 30-35 per cent per year. It is the second fastest growing industry in India.Franchising is amongst the most viable mediums for brands to expand and tap the vast Indian consumer market.There were approximately 1150 national and international business format franchise systems in India in 2007.Around 8 to 10 per cent Indian franchise systems have entered international markets.Annual turnover is approximately USD $ 10 billion in 2012.